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A Technical Assistance Platform to facilitate the use of Financial Instruments

The aim of this project is to assist the Commission and other stakeholders in determining what type of technical assistance services should be provided through the Technical Assistance Platform (TA Platform). The study also aims to develop a work programme for the TA Platform that will support the design and setting up of Financial Instruments in 2014-2020. More specifically, the study goals are: a) Providing a complete intervention logic for the Technical Assistance Platform and develop the rationale for prioritising and programming activities; b) Describing different options for the creation and dissemination of knowledge base and capacity building related to Financial Instruments; c) Performing an applicability assessment taking into account potential resources, timing and technical possibilities constraints; d) Building a comprehensive inventory of Horizontal Technical Assistance activities for the first 3 years of activity of the TA Platform on the basis of TA needs, prioritisation principles and the exploitation of delivery synergies; e) Providing recommendations for defining the processes for different initiation paths of Multi-Regional Assistance; f) Recommending a set of monitoring indicators that follow the progress and implementation of services delivered by the TA Platform; g) Contributing to the preparation of a kick-off event for the formal announcement of the TA Platform.

Partner: PricewaterhouseCoopers (LU)

Client: European Investment Bank, 2013

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