Capacity building and training


Building capacities and supporting skills development in institutions and businesses are crucial underpinnings in all growth strategies. They can foster adaptability to change, which is crucial in dynamic and fast-paced environments where organisations need to respond quickly to market shifts and innovations.

CSIL experts have extensive knowledge of institutional processes, programmes and project delivery systems, matured in a wide range of assignments. They possess an in-depth understanding of the practical and theoretical challenges of project planning and appraisal in different institutional environments. They also have extensive know-how of the public administration’s capacity-building process, matured in the participation in systematic capacity-building activities conducted at the EU level, and a deep understanding of how the replicability of the learning process is the key to impacting the daily working routine. Finally, they have fresh state-of-the-art experience and strong motivation to provide technical assistance services to public authorities involving the design and implementation of sophisticated systems for data collection, storage, analysis and reporting. CSIL experts also have experience with developing IT-based solutions to support the implementation of methods, tools and guidelines.

CSIL can offer

  • Training and skills development programmes to enhance the capabilities of businesses and government officials, fostering a more competent and adaptable workforce;
  • Developing tools and guidelines to support organisations in implementing their investment strategies, ensuring effective execution and alignment with organisational objectives;
  • Support the efficient allocation and management of internal resources, including finances, personnel, and technology, to optimise organisational performance;
  • Assessing the administrative capacity of institutions and supporting the implementation of capacity-building services;
  • Organising and delivering stakeholder workshops, fostering clear and transparent communication, engaging with all relevant parties to build positive relationships and support policy goals;

CSIL's main principles for training and capacity-building activities are customisation, interactivity and hands-on experience. This approach allows target beneficiaries to acquire a solid background on key principles but also experience in putting lessons into practice based on real-life cases, with a focus on the ability to translate the newly acquired know-how into operational practice.

Skill development

Administrative capacity building

Stakeholder workshops 

Seminars and 
focus groups