Market analysis and business intelligence


Knowledge of markets and business opportunities is crucial for companies and institutions to navigate dynamic economic landscapes and make informed decisions in an ever-changing global environment.

CSIL supports companies, public institutions and trade associations in their process of selection and analysis of market opportunities on a global scale and in the formulation of development strategies. The knowledge and expertise of CSIL experts cross many industries and ecosystems worldwide, including construction and interior design (e.g. windows, doors, flooring, furniture), textile and fashion (e.g. clothing and footwear, household textile, technical textile), electronics (lighting fixtures, domestic appliances), automotive, space, pharmaceuticals, and the related supply chains of wood, plastic, metal, fabric leather, textile, glass, ceramics and much more.

Our research activity is based on longstanding experience in gathering, monitoring, and interpreting data, further enhanced by constant dialogue with sector companies and stakeholders.

CSIL has world-class expertise in the furniture, furnishing, and lighting sectors and the related supply and distribution chains. Over the years, it has become the sector knowledge hub worldwide, building a unique and extremely detailed observatory on competitive systems, product development, demand features, consumer behaviour, and megatrends affecting the industry. Browse our dedicated websites to learn about CSIL furniture and lighting fixtures observatories.

CSIL can offer:

  • Comprehensive market analysis, including market sizing, value chain examination and demand forecasting;
  • Market segmentation analysis, identifying and categorising target market segments based on demographics, behaviour, and preferences;
  • Competitive system analysis, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of players in the market,
  • Monitoring industry trends and emerging market forces; assistance in formulating marketing strategies and action plans, including expertise in lead generation and facilitating B2B matchmaking initiatives support;
  • Examining financial data and market trends to provide insights into investment decisions and financial planning.
  • Researching to guide the development of new products or services based on market demand.

CSIL experts collect data from a variety of sources of information, including primary and secondary sources such as field data gathered through thousands of interviews with company managers every year and dedicated surveys to consumers, as well as access to licenced financial and patent information for millions of companies, as well as from proprietary data collected through field research, including over 50,000 interviews to company managers.

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Browse our dedicated website and social network to learn about CSIL furniture and lighting observatories.