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Evaluation of EIB support to Urban Mobility in EU-28 (2007-2018)

This service aimed to support the EIB in evaluating the relevance and the performance (effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability) of EIB support to urban mobility in the EU-28 over the 2007-2018 period. The project comprised:

  • a desk review of 65 project completion reports (PCR) and related documentation;
  • 12 individual project evaluations of selected operations;
  • 7 ex-post Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of operations;
  • 6 case studies of ongoing investments;
  • a Synthesis report of the 12 individual project evaluations;
  • a Final Thematic report bringing together consistently the different lines of evidence gathered during the evaluation.

This evaluation's methodological tools included documentary review, desk research, semi-structured interviews (78 with primary stakeholders/during field visits, 24 with EIB services), retrospective cost-benefit analysis, triangulation. For this assignment, a CSIL Senior Expert acted as EIB Team Leader, contributed to fine-tune the evaluation approach and methodological tools. She provided guidance and coordination for all evaluation and drafted the thematic evaluation report, consistently bringing together the different evidence gathered during the evaluation.

Project publications

Evaluation of the EIB Support to Urban Public Transport in the European Union (2007-2019) - Synthesis report

Evaluation of the EIB Support to Urban Public Transport in the European Union (2007-2019) - Thematic report

Client: European Investment Bank, Operations Evaluation Division
Client type: public
Year: 2019-2020
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