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EADs and ETAs: Added value to the construction sector

This study provides a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of the strengths and challenges of the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) route. By investigating the added value and relevance of the European Assessment Documents and European Technical Assessments, the overall objective of the study was to support and improve EOTA's tasks to more effectively achieve the goals of the Construction Products Regulation and deliver a better service to the construction sector.

Through a rigorous, in-depth analysis of the regulatory documents, previous analytical and evaluation studies, and consultation with more than 300 different stakeholders in the construction products market, including Technical Assessment Bodies, manufacturers, business associations, and EOTA representatives (through a survey and semi-structured interviews), the study found that the EADs and ETAs offer a relevant and valuable alternative for the harmonisation of construction products to be traded across the EU.

A set of insight identified is available on EOTA's website, along with the full final report.

Client: EOTA
Client type: private
Year: 2020
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