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Ex-post evaluation of Cohesion policy programmes 2014-2020 financed by the ERDF WP 4 – Research, Technological Development and Innovation

The Ex-post Evaluation of Cohesion Policy Programmes 2014-2020 financed by the ERDF - WP 4: Research, Technological Development, and Innovation (RTDI) aimed to assess the impact of ERDF investments in RTDI during the 2014-2020 programming period. The study adhered to the five criteria outlined in Better Regulation, specifically analysing the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of ERDF co-financed investments in strengthening RTDI during this period. Additionally, it evaluated the coherence of ERDF support with other policies, its relevance, and the EU-added value.

Similar to the previous ex-post evaluation for 2007-2013 led by CSIL, this assessment for 2014-2020 identified key contextual factors influencing the success or failure of RTDI investments across EU regions, considering varying socio-economic conditions. The study examined each policy intervention separately and in combination to draw comprehensive conclusions and lessons on the overall policy mix, including synergies between ERDF programmes and Horizon Europe. It also addressed specific aspects relevant to the period under analysis, such as the resilience of RDI post-COVID-19 pandemic.

The evaluation methodology involved a comprehensive mapping of initiatives supporting RTDI, a literature review, and an extensive consultation plan. This plan included semi-structured interviews and online surveys with beneficiaries, case studies at the policy instrument level, and financial instruments. It also employed data and text mining techniques to extract information from external databases and sources through automated or semi-automated methods. The evaluation team has also organised a seminar to discuss preliminary results with key stakeholders, and all key messages have been presented in the final report.

The final report triangulates evidence collected at different levels and on various instruments to derive robust conclusions and recommendations for the European Commission – DG REGIO.

Client: EU Commission - DG REGIO
Client type: public
Year: 2023-2024
Consortium: Prognos (Leader), CSIL (partner)
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