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World trade of lighting

Annually published (since 1995), CSIL report on “World trade of lighting” provides an overview of the world trade of lighting fixtures and lamps, with statistical data (production, consumption, imports, exports) at the worldwide level and data on the lighting fixtures markets of 70 countries selected according to their contribution to the international trade of lighting fixtures.
This research comes from the analysis of official trade data; CSIL databases for lighting fixtures in Europe and worldwide; official documents concerning macroeconomic trends and sector performances for the last two available years.
The world production, consumption, imports and exports of lighting fixtures are broken down by geographical area (European Union 25 + Norway and Switzerland, Central-East Europe outside the EU and Russia, Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Africa, North and South America).
The report identifies the opportunities in the global lighting fixtures market and contains a rich collection of key country data, allowing comparisons among specific interest areas. The study features international trade statistics (imports and exports) at country level, both for lighting fixtures and lamps. It highlights the major exporting and importing countries and presents the main destination countries of exports and main origin countries. The report also analyses trade balance data.

Year: Since 1995
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