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The European market for lighting fixtures

Annually published (since 2009), CSIL report on 'The European market for lighting fixtures" provides a breakdown of the lighting fixtures market in 30 European countries (Russia and other CIS Countries, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific, North America, Central-South America). It features a breakdown of lighting fixtures exports and imports by country and by geographical area of destination/origin, also including an analysis of the performance of the main European companies on extra EU30 markets,
Data are presented by segment (consumer, professional indoor, industrial, outdoor), products and applications, and light source (incandescence, fluorescence, gas discharge and metal halide, LED, OLED). The study comprises sales data and market shares for over 100 local and foreign players operating in this area as well as country data; activity trend, international trade, product trends (both historical and forecasts data), trends on productive concentration by geographical area. Financial analysis is based on a sample of over 300 European companies active in the lighting sector and includes profitability ratios (EBITDA, EBIT, ROI, ROE), structure ratios, employment data and per employee ratios.
The analysis of lighting fixtures distribution channels in Europe covers direct sales and contract, specialist lighting stores, furniture/lifestyle stores and chains, wholesalers, DIY and Hyper stores, e-commerce.
This report is the result of information collected from approximately 200 companies active in the lighting business; analysis of CSIL databases for lighting fixtures in Europe and worldwide; web scraping (localization of lighting retailers and other relevant trade outlets); investor relations and balance-sheets for around 80 companies; general documentation related to the lighting industry; official figures for foreign trade provided by Eurostat.
The 2021 edition of this report has a special focus on lighting specialists in selected metropolitan areas (2023 forecast).

Client: Multi-client (private companies, business associations, trade agencies, fairs, etc.)
Client type: private
Year: Since 2009
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