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The supply of flooring in the office and related sectors in selected European countries

This research primarily provided the market quantification of the flooring market for offices and other commercial environments in terms of surfaces and several market segmentations. The methodology was based on field research and consultation of leading manufacturers, distributors, contractors, interior designer and architects, and on the analysis of macroeconomic and flooring sector statistical data, as well as in-house and public available manufacturers’ data. On top of market quantification, this research provides a breakdown of the flooring market by environment (residential flooring, office, healthcare, education etc.), by type of flooring material (hard, soft, resilient), by country. Perceived advantages and disadvantages of different types of flooring are presented. Market shares of the key flooring suppliers, the analysis of distribution and prices structures completed this analysis.

Client: Large office furniture supplier
Client type: public
Year: 2015
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