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Analysis of the cost-benefit and administrative burden reduction potential of options for re-design of Intrastat

In 2015, the European Statistical System Committee requested Eurostat to provide information on alternative or complementary approaches to re-design Intrastat in terms of costs and benefits, possibilities to reduce administrative burden and legal and methodological implications. Consequently, the project called “Re-design of Intrastat” was launched in November 2014.

The present study supports the implementation of 3 tasks (out of 5) of Eurostat’s project “Re-design of Intrastat”. The first task of the project refers to the definition of different options for re-designing the Intrastat system. These options have been identified by Eurostat and the Member States. Another task is related to the legal and methodological aspect and tackled by Eurostat for the purpose of FRIBS.

This study supported Eurostat in the three remaining tasks of the “Redesign of Intrastat” project, namely (i) administrative burden reduction assessment, (ii) the cost-benefit analysis and (iii) the reporting of the project outcomes. As part of the methodology developed for this study, CSIL experts carried out a comparison of the cost and benefits of the different options to re-design Intrastat considering both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Client: Eurostat
Client type: public
Year: 2015-2016
Consortium: DevStat (leader); CSIL and Panteia (partners)
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