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Built-in appliances distribution and brand image in Italy

Published from 1993 to 2014, CSIL report "Built-in appliances distribution and brand image in Italy" analysed yearly the behaviour of the Italian buyers of built-in appliances, focusing on the sales performance of kitchens and built-in appliances; purchasing criteria by major buyers of built-in appliances; development of brand-name image and customer satisfaction of major built-in appliances purchasers. Each year, the study was based on more than 100 telephone interviews with kitchen furniture manufacturers, built-in appliances wholesalers and specialised appliances chains. The analysis of the distribution and purchases process of built-in appliances unfold at different levels: by customer type, product type, geographical area, and purchase range of built-in appliances. The brand name image analysis covered six years and provided a ranking of the main quoted brands by product and by type of customer.

Year: 1993-2014
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