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FCCIS - Future Circular Collider Innovation Study

The Future Circular Collider Innovation Study will deliver a conceptual design and an implementation plan for new research infrastructure, consisting of a 100 km long circular tunnel and a dozen surface sites. FCCIS will attract academic and industrial leaders to develop a feasible and affordable plan that incorporates eco-design and resource efficiency from an early stage. The project includes work with the host states, France and Switzerland, to ensure that the infrastructure blends in with the territorial boundary conditions. CSIL leads the WP set to develop the infrastructure project's financial roadmap, comprising cost estimates, financing plan, and socio-economic impact analysis. The socio-economic impact analysis will reveal the added value that this infrastructure will generate during its first phase and serve as the basis for developing a funding and implementation plan. This project emphasises the user capacity building process with theoretical and experimental physicists at an international scale to ensure exploitation of the facility from the start.

  FCCIS – The Future Circular Collider Innovation Study. This INFRADEV Research and Innovation Action project receives funding from the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 951754.

Client: EU Commission - DG RTD / H2020 program
Client type: public
Year: 2020-2024
Consortium: CERN consortium comprising 15 European research entities
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