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Technical market analysis and study for wood-based panel products in Mozambique

This assignment aimed to identify the potential markets for MDF produced in Mozambique.  In particular, the activity performed included to

  • carry out a market assessment of end-user industries (furniture, flooring, others)  in the neighbouring countries of Eastern Africa, quantifying the value of wood-based panels they could potentially absorb in the near future,
  • identify the most promising export markets in relation to their demand and the existing offer of competitors,
  • identify all external factors that might limit or negatively affect the delivery process and the efficient working of the value chain (e.g. logistic) both for the Eastern Africa region and the potential export markets,
  • outline a proper commercial plan aimed at favouring an entry strategy, both in terms of price and quality of products to be delivered to the market,
  • identify the key participants in the reference markets and their specific needs both in terms of product features, flow of orders and pricing policy.
Client: AFDB - African Development Bank
Client type: public
Year: 2015
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