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Evaluation of EIB advisory activities in the European Union

CSIL has contributed to an independent corporate evaluation of the European Investment Bank’s (EIB) advisory activities and technical advice delivery in the EU since 2014. These advisory activities aim to enhance the bankability, investment readiness, and efficient implementation of projects across various sectors, such as energy, transport, ICT, environment, and healthcare, particularly within the context of EU cohesion policy.

The evaluation assessed the strengths and challenges of the EIB advisory services and provided evidence-based recommendations on client orientation, strategic mobilisation of in-house experts, value proposition, and internal monitoring systems. The methodology included an extensive review of documents, analysis of monitoring systems and advisory data, interviews and focus groups with over 50 EIB staff members, and comparisons with peer international financial institutions. The findings and recommendations were compiled in a comprehensive final report.

In addition, CSIL contributed to the evaluation of the Project Advisory Support (PAS) program, a collaborative advisory initiative established in 2015 between the EIB and the Governments of Bulgaria and Romania. This evaluation focused on PAS’s relevance, effectiveness, and operational efficiency, utilising process-tracing case studies to determine the extent of PAS’s contribution to capacity building within recipient organisations.

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Evaluation of EIB advisory activities in the European Union

Evaluation of EIB Project Advisory Support in Bulgaria and Romania

Client: European Investment Bank, Operations Evaluation Division
Client type: public
Year: 2022-2023
Consortium: COWI (leader), CSIL (partner)
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