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The European market for healthcare lighting

CSIL report on "The European market for healthcare lighting" is based on desk analysis and field analysis for two healthcare macro segments and its main lighting products such as hospitals and dental studies, analysis of the activity trend in Europe and an overview of the market drivers (such as demographic changes, healthcare expenditure, hospitals, nursing residential care facilities, dental practices and community pharmacies). It also provides a market value by application and a list of the major players and weight on the overall lighting turnover.
The desk analysis includes statistical data collected from official sources (e.g. Eurostat databases) and other sources (e.g. associations, trade press..); the review of other existing documentation (such as press releases, web sources, studies relating to the lighting industry); the analysis of companies databases (e.g. balance sheets). The field analysis was carried on through 20 interviews with manufacturers and experts operating in the healthcare lighting industry. Specific segments analysed include surgery lighting, intensive care and examination rooms lighting, normal stay bedrooms, long-care bedrooms lighting, lighting for common areas, corridors and circulation areas lighting, stairwells lighting, lighting for laboratories and pharmacies, design tips.

Year: 2015
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