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Evaluation of the Lazio Region reindustrialisation program

This evaluation concerns the set of interventions with which the Lazio Region has allocated 154.5 million euros to stimulate and support its reindustrialisation program. The assessment follows two lines of action:

  • the analysis of the implementation processes of the reindustrialisation program, with the general aim of identifying any critical issues and, if necessary, proposing adequate solutions and
  • the estimation of the effectiveness of the reindustrialisation policy.

The Lazio Reindustrialization Program represents one of the main policies for the productive development of the regional administration. It aims to promote and support competitive repositioning processes by leveraging collaborations between companies and between them and the world of research. The evaluation, which follows the Better Evaluation guidelines, includes reconstructing the interventions' logical framework to re-establish and verify the causal links between objectives-planned actions-output-expected impacts. The analysis examines the access criteria, the mechanisms for selecting beneficiaries and the intervention management processes to grasp the degree of consistency and problems. The impact analyses will compare the beneficiary companies' economic dynamics with those of a control group to be identified with appropriate counterfactual methodologies.

Client: Lazio Region (Italy)
Client type: public
Year: 2021-2022
Consortium: MET (leader); CSIL (partner)
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