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Smart & Fast Cities

The "Smart & Fast Cities" report provides information on the high-end design companies and contract players with a tool to identify potential locations where to set their mono-brand stores, keeping into account potential synergies (for instance the presence of complementary brands) as well as an indicator of the cost of the area; the industry, in general, with an analysis on the medium-term trends affecting the main cities worldwide.

Using big data, the report presents the profiles of 151 cities worldwide with a selection of economic and demographic indicators (2013 and 2018), estimates of the potential market of two selected durable consumer goods sectors (2013 and 2018), lighting and kitchen furniture, in each city and the forecasts for the market development to the year 2023. The study also offers an indicator that, through six dimensions (demographic dynamics, economic wealth, consumption, quality of life, infrastructure, governance), ranks the cities according to their business attractiveness. In their last part, the profiles deliver an analysis of the geographical presence of a selected sample of 65 brands, each of which operates as a trend-setter in its own category, in 143 out of the 151 cities considered.

Year: 2020
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