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Evaluation of Interventions under the Italian National Operational Programme Enterprises and Competitiveness aimed at overcoming the effects of the crisis under REACT-EU

Evaluation of interventions under the 2014-2020 Italian National Operational Programme Enterprises and Competitiveness (PON IC), funded by REACT-EU resources, targeting the mitigation of crisis effects through green and digital initiatives. The assessment focused on mapping and analysing the resource allocation, intervention types, and implementation methods’ coherence and adequacy. The primary objective was to assess the administration’s choices regarding resource allocation, selected interventions, and implementation methods, assessing the degree of alignment with the ambition for a green and digital recovery.
The evaluation methodology combined quantitative (monitoring data analysis, text mining techniques) and qualitative methods (document analysis, interviews, case studies, direct investigation) for diverse and robust results. The final report covered:

  1. Adequacy and coherence of administration choices in financed interventions, allocated resources, and implementation methods;
  2. Progress of the “Innovative Machinery” and "Sustainable Investments 4.0" calls;
  3. Analysis of PON IC Axis VI’s role in strengthening green and digital investments;
  4. Territorial pattern of investments and analysis of achievements;
  5. Policy recommendations for the 2021-2027 cycle.
Client: Invitalia
Client type: public
Year: 2023
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