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The impact of product customisation demand on industrial production in the upholstered furniture industry

Aim of the study was to identify barriers in the industrial production process arising from market fragmentation and increasing demand for customized products. Main automation and digital solutions adopted by companies were reviewed in-depth (e.g.  virtual prototyping software, laser automated cutting of leather solutions, machinery integration, 4.0 solutions, etc.) The methodology was based on: i) an extensive online survey with a structured questionnaire to 200 global manufacturers responding on a given set of questions describing the importance attributed to customization and the extent to which is implemented by the companies, including the technological barriers arising ii) a case studies analysis focussed at understanding, at company level in a first step and through a generalization approach in a second step, how the management of personalization/customization is conducted at present and the factors that potentially favour investment in technology.

Client: Large technology supplier
Client type: public
Year: 2018-2019
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