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The European market for lighting controls and IoT

The report provides figures and trends for the European market for lighting controls, analysing the sector performance, the competitive system, market drivers and major market players, with an overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) trends for the lighting market, from wireless controls to Li-Fi technology. The product segmentation included residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting controls applications. Subcategories of the mentioned segments have also been investigated (offices, hotels, private homes, shops, industrial plants, hospitals, urban landscape and streets…).

The study included an in-deep analysis for 16 West European countries (around 85% of the market value), overview of Central-East Europe, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa (15%).

A major advantage of a lighting control system over conventional individual switching is the ability to control any light, group of lights or all lights in a building from a single user interface device. Other benefits include reduced energy consumption and power costs through more efficient usage, longer bulb life from dimming, and reduced carbon emission.

Year: 2013 and 2017
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