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The impact of sustainability and circularity requirements on the EU mattress industry

This research provided an overview of the status quo and the perspectives of the sustainability and circularity potential of the EU mattress industry. The study investigated to what extend the mattress value chain is adapting to these goals and how companies strategies and business models are evolving in relation to

  • raw materials and component sourcing,
  • product design,
  • product marketing,
  • product end-of-life management.

All the main raw materials and components (PU foam, synthetic fibres, latex, natural materials) were evaluated under their circularity/sustainability profile and technical/performance profile. The research work was based on focussed interactions with actors operating in the mattress value chain to gather primary data through a wide-reaching online survey and semi-structured in-depth interviews, and additional desk research to integrate and complete the analysis.

Client: Large multinational chemical company
Client type: private
Year: 2021
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