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Profiles of 50 major appliance manufacturers worldwide

Published from 2006 to 2017, this biannual CSIL report identified and ranked the world top 50 appliance manufacturers, selected according to their sales volume. In this report, the definition “major appliances” covered refrigerators and freezers, washers and driers, dishwashers, hoods, cooking appliances, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners. The ranking included holding companies where major appliances represent just a minor portion of the total turnover; specialised companies with an incidence of major appliances on the total turnover above 80%; companies with two or more relevant business units, where major appliances represent 30%-60% of the total revenues. The analysis considered either global players and regional leaders and companies that developed an international presence in specific segments (e.g. Middleby Corp. in the bakery segment, Gree, Daikin and Chunlan for air conditioner market). Finally, the report presented in-depth profiles for each of the selected manufacturers: company history and recent developments; financial and economic data; sales breakdown by business units, product and geographical area; production sites and brands.

Year: 2006-2017
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