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Evaluation of the potential attractiveness and features of a hospitality furniture mall for furniture producers

Within this project, CSIL evaluated

  • the potential interest for European furniture manufacturers in exhibiting their products in a mall devoted to hospitality and healthcare furniture and furnishing, to be developed by a corporation advised by CSIL’s client
  • manufacturers’ opinions and suggestions about the specific features of the mall (for ex. location, layout etc) and the contract terms for exhibitors (for ex. rent per square meters etc), envisaged in the project’s pre-feasibility plan.

The view of a selected sample of European furniture manufacturers and other key stakeholders (as architects, sector associations) was collected during about 30 face-to-face and phone interviews. A detailed analysis of the perception of this innovative project and its features were provided, as well as suggestions emerging from the interaction with companies and stakeholders.

Client: Real estate developer
Client type: private
Year: 2017
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