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Raw materials and components sourcing: an observatory on filling materials usage in the upholstery and mattress industry

CSIL implemented a forecasting observatory on the usage of filling materials in the mattress and upholstered furniture industry to evaluate the global demand for PU (polyurethane) foam, polyester, latex, spring,  wool, natural fibres. This kind of investigations looked at mapping the supply chain and investigating the prevailing factors affecting the demand at the end-user industries: materials choice, the competitiveness of the alternatives, pricing. Medium-term forecasts (3-years) were provided for the market of each filling material type. For such investigation, the methodology was based on regular extensive surveys to assess each product's market size and evaluate future trends as well dedicated fieldwork to gather information from sector participants on PU foam appeal and on the main innovation trends.

Client: Large multinational chemical company
Client type: private
Year: 2019-2021
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