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Study Supporting the Evaluation of COSME and EIP

CSIL contributed to a study supporting the evaluation of COSME, the EU SME programme for 2014-2020 and EIP (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme), its predecessor programme in 2007-2013, with the overarching goal to assess the impacts and performance of the measures supported under both programs.

For COSME, the evaluation focused on results related to enhancing access to finance, facilitating SMEs’ access to markets and internationalisation, fostering a conducive business environment, and promoting entrepreneurship. Particular attention was given to long-term impacts, especially concerning access to finance for start-ups, SME growth, and investment in innovation activities.

The study employed a comprehensive mixed-methods approach, incorporating various data collection and analysis tools and methods. These included desk research, portfolio analysis, examination of Operational Programs, analysis of responses to the call for evidence, targeted surveys of EIP and COSME stakeholders, an interview program and focus groups, counterfactual analysis, and case studies. This approach provided an opportunity to explore longer-term impacts, particularly in portfolio and counterfactual analysis.

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Client: EU Commission - DG RTD
Client type: public
Year: 2023-2024
Consortium: CSES (leader), CSIL,
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