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Lighting Contract: top 250 architectural companies and lighting designers

Published from 2017 to 2020, CSIL report on "Lighting Contract: top 250 architectural companies and lighting designers" provides an overview of the contract market for lighting fixtures, including the identification of its main segments and the leading lighting players with short descriptions and a list of recent projects.

The second part of the report aims to profile, through targeted short descriptions, around 100 top architectural and design offices and over 150 lighting design practices, either primarily specialised in lighting services or that have not lighting as their primary focus, but frequently engage in designing luminaires.

The segments considered in this report are retail and luxury shops, hospitality (hotels, restaurants and bars), office, private residences, auditoriums/theatres/cinemas, marine (yachts and cruise ships), large infrastructure (airports, schools/universities, health care facilities public spaces), and art and museum spaces. The study covers Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific.

Year: 2017-2020
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