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Technical assistance for Cost-Benefit Analysis of the “Parco urbano di Bagnoli” major project

The project related to the technical assistance for the preparation of the cost-benefit analysis (in particular financial analysis, economic analysis and risk assessment) and application form for request of co-financing with ERDF under the 2007-13 Operational Programme for Campania Region. The co-financed project was “Parco urbano di Bagnoli”, a major project belonging to the broader context of interventions foreseen by the Piano Urbanistico Attuativo (PUA) for the requalification of Bagnoli-Coroglio urban area, adopted by Naples city council on 16 May 2005. It concerned the realization of an urban park in the ex- industrial site of Bagnoli (Na), covering a surface of 130 hectares, and the redesign of the road network adjacent the park.

 Client: Bagnolifutura S.p.a. 2009

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