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Our contribution: careful analysis, global perspective, feasible projects

The Inter-Relationship between the Structural Fund and the provision of SG(E)I

The Inter-Relationship between the Structural Fund and the Provision of Services of General Interest and Services of General Economic Interest, and the Potential for Cross-Border Service Delivery

The present study offered the Committee on Regional Development of the European Parliament a critical and comprehensive discussion about the inter-relationship between the Structural Funds and the provision of the services of general interest and of general economic interest (SG(E)I). More specifically, it provided a comparative analysis on the concepts, traditions, legislative frameworks and level of provision of SG(E)I in the 27 Member States. The discussion drew from a vast academic, regulatory and policy literature review and an exemplar analysis of key indicators. The illustration was then enriched by a review of 27 projects (one for each Member States) co-financed by cohesion policy in the period 2007-2013 and 2000-2006 by different funds and programmes in all the relevant sectors of SG(E)I.

Client: European Parliament, DG for Internal Policies of the Union, Directorate B – Structural and Cohesion Policy, 2009-2010

Partners: DEAS (ITA), CIRIEC (BE), PPMI (LT)

Final report available here.

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