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Our contribution: careful analysis, global perspective, feasible projects

Improved decision-aid methods and tools for the evaluation of transport and energy networks

The key objective of the study was to further develop appraisal methods for large infrastructure projects in the development of Trans-European Networks (TEN), in behalf of DG Energy and Transport of the European Commission. The project was expected to enhance methods and tools that are used for prioritizing investment and policies in the field of transport and energy. The option of re-appraising the actual impacts of a given TEN project using the same approach (either costs-benefits or multi-criteria analyses, or both) that was used to assess its viability ex-ante is the core of the method proposed to identify possible evaluation pitfalls and to recommend ‘good practice’ to reduce their occurrence/mitigate associated risks. Ex-ante and ex-post comparison at project level is specifically organized to support the analysis of those types of indirect impacts – spatial impacts, environmental impacts and impacts on regional equity – that, other than influencing viability and social desirability of an infrastructure project, are key aspects to identify the value added of the public support to national infrastructure projects.

Client: European Commission, Directorate General Energy and Transport

Years: 2006-2008.

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