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Our contribution: careful analysis, global perspective, feasible projects

Cost-Benefit Analysis Training course to DG Regio desk officers

CSIL has organized 2-days training seminar on the use of cost benefit analysis for investment project appraisal. Topics illustrated and discussed were: objectives and scope of applied CBA; feasibility analysis (with special emphasis on demand forecasting); financial analysis (discounted cash-flows and different NPV and returns definitions); the choice of a time horizon; depreciation of residual values at end of year;  “replacement cost” and “contingency” reserves; inflation; the choice of the financial discount rate; corrections from financial analysis to economic analysis; the social discount rate; shadow prices definition; the use of border prices; the shadow wage; the value of the statistical life; the social value of time; environmental shadow prices; project appraisal under uncertainty; sensitivity analysis; risk analysis; software for risk analysis.

 Client:European Commission, Directorate General Regional Policy, 2009

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