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CBA methodological development for Lithuania

Services of methodology and model development assigned for assessment of social-economic impact of investments financed by EU structural funds and Lithuanian national budget.

The aim of the project was to develop a methodology for assessment of social-economic impact of investments financed by EU Structural Funds and national budget of Lithuania.

CSIL, in collaboration with BGI Consulting (Lithuania), has prepared for the Ministry of Lithuania national guidelines for the assessment of social-economic effects of public investment through the Cost-Benefit Analysis methodology. The methodology is intended to empower Lithuanian public administration assessing the expected social and economic value of investment projects. The methodology met requirements for ex-ante and ex-post valuation of projects. Cost-Benefit Analysis methodology has been differentiated according to the specifics of different investment areas/sectors, for which dedicated chapters discussing the most relevant objectives, benefits and methods for calculations are provided. Sectors addressed were:

  • Transport (incl. roads, rail-roads, air and water transport, sea-ports, logistics etc.);
  • Environment (water supply, waste management);
  • Energy (production, delivery, distribution);
  • Healthcare; Social infrastructure; Science and Education;
  • Development of information society;
  • Urban infrastructure; Industrial parks.

Partner: BGI Consulting (Lithuania)
Client: Ministry of Finance of Lithuania

Years: 2012 – 2014

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