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30 July 2022

Estimations of SDR in selected countries

"Estimations of SDR in selected countries" is available online. The working paper, authored by CSIL researchers Jessica Catalano and Chiara Pancotti, provides new estimates of the social discount rate (SDR), one of the key parameters used in the cost-benefit analysis framework to assign a present monetary value to costs and benefits occurring at different points in time and spreading over a long-term period. The paper draws upon work carried out in the framework of the ongoing H2020 Future Circular Collider Innovation Study to calculate an ad hoc SDR to be used in the socio-economic impact assessment of the Future Circular Collider (FCC). For this estimation, the authors selected the countries contributing to the CERN budget, including the EU27 Member States and the non-EU Member States. Beyond providing a new estimate of SDR, this paper also discusses the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis on the SDR, presenting two different scenarios (before and after).

Catalano G, Pancotti C (2022), “Estimations of SDR in selected countries”, Working Papers 2022/01, CSIL.

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