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Summer School

The VI edition of Milan Summer School on: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment projects will be held on September 5-9, 2016. This year the structure has been completely revised to offer a more refined programme combining the need to provide an overview and introduction to principles and methods of CBA and, at the same time, to offer a more in-depth understanding of sectoral applications. For more information: Summer School

CSIL activities

EC CBA Guide

CSIL experts authored the Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects.
The Guide is obligatory for all major projects submitted to ESIF 2014-2020. The updated Guide is available on INFOREGIO website. To read more on CSIL contribution

Cost/Benefit Analysis in the Research, Development and Innovation Sector

CSIL has concluded a three-year research project supported by a EIBURS grant of the European Investment Bank Institute. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM) and the Departments of Physics of the University of Milan. The research topic was the Cost/Benefit Analysis in the Research, Development and Innovation Sector (for further details see A workshop was organized at DG Research to present final results. To read more see the full article

Massimo Florio key note speaker at the second Annual Meeting of the Future Circular Collider study

Massimo Florio has been invited as key note speaker to the second Annual Meeting of the Future Circular Collider study, organised from 11-15 April 2016 in Rome as well as to the public event with CERN director general Fabiola Gianotti. He has presented the cost-benefit analysis model for the LHC and discussed the possible development of this model to take into account the impact of a potential Future Circular Collider.


Results of the ex-post evaluation of the ERDF support to SME innovation and development are now available

CSIL has concluded the ex-post assessment of the effectiveness and overall impact of the ERDF in supporting SME innovation and development throughout the European Union over the 2007-2013 programming period. Results of this ex-post evaluation are now available on DG Regio website.


CSIL experts joined the IV EIB Institute’s Knowledge Programme meeting

The meeting was held on 8 March 2016 in Luxembourg and was attended by representatives from 17 European universities and networks. CSIL experts were invited to present the final results of the three-year research project "Cost/Benefit Analysis in the Research, Development and Innovation Sector" supported by the EIBURS grant of the European Investment Bank Institute.




World Furniture Outlook Seminar 2016

15th edition organized by CSIL, Centre for Industrial Studies

The workshop was held during the 55th Milan International Furniture Fairs Salone del Mobile.Milano on April 13, 2016 (h 11.00 - 13.00) at the Fiera Milano Rho Congress Centre, Meeting Room AQUARIUS

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Forecasts for the Furniture and furnishings Markets in 2016

CSIL experts illustrated the main results of latest analysis and forecasts for Italy and the global furniture scenario, as well as prospects and opportunities on the most promising furniture markets. More info


A new publication Applied Welfare Economics: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Projects and Policies authored by Massimo Florio and published by Routledge is now available at for purchase.
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