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11 January 2022

Highlights from CSIL World Furniture Outlook Seminar

The first virtual edition of the World Furniture Outlook Seminar, CSIL event presenting the latest findings on the global furniture market, its recent development and the forecasted trends, was held on 30 November 2021, with around 300 furniture professionals from over 50 World countries.

Some highlights emerged from the seminar reveal:

  • A positive context of demand, based on the importance of home-related goods, consumers' needs for comfort and reorganisation of spaces;
  • Product development drivers: smart, multi-functional, customisable products and innovative materials, circular and sustainable products;
  • Retail transformation relying on multiple distribution channels, online and offline, and re-thinking of companies' distribution approach;
  • Evolving companies' strategies dealing with uncertainties and price fluctuations, cooperation and competition along the value chain.

CSIL researchers presented furniture sector figures globally and for the main countries and for kitchen, office spaces, upholstered furniture and mattress.

Read the post-event press release.

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