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28 June 2021

The European market for Healthcare Lighting

CSIL's market research unit has just issued a report on the European market for Healthcare Lighting, which considers lighting mainly for two healthcare macro segments and its main products: hospitals (public and private) and dental studies (usually private).

The report relies on desk analysis, such as statistical data collection and company database analysis, and field analysis, carried on through 20 interviews with manufacturers and experts operating in the healthcare lighting industry.

Some of the healthcare lighting market main drivers identified are:

  • Demographic changes (an ageing population). together with growing demand for good health;
  • Healthcare facilities (from small clinics and doctor's offices to urgent care centres and large hospitals);
  • Dentists, dental practices.

Data highlight that the European market of healthcare lighting is made by around 100 manufacturers, including approximately two clusters: 40 manufacturers of overall lighting fixtures, 70 specialists in healthcare/hospital equipment for which lighting is usually just a small share of their turnover.

The report also provides an analysis of the competitive system by country or groups of countries for the main players of the sector, with sales data, market share and short company profiles.

See the dedicated page, or contact us for more information.

If you are interested in market research in the healthcare sector, you may also consult The world market for safety syringes, published by CSIL earlier this year.

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