Senior Advisor

Dr Stefano Carrazza works at the University of Milan. He is a scientist who specialises in data management, data mining and the use of artificial intelligence on big data. His research is mostly focused on computational models and methods applied to science. He performed scientific research in theoretical and experimental physics at different institutions: in quantum optics at the Institut Lumière Matière in Lyon, cavity quantum electrodynamics at the Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel (ENS) in Paris, data analysis and software development for heavy-ion physics in ALICE at CERN, theoretical physics at CERN and the University of Milan, and quantum computing scientific collaborations with Centre for Quantum Technology, Barcelona University, CERN.
Stefano has been an advisor at CSIL since 2017, supporting providing advice and seminars on topics involving algorithms for big data applications from data preparation to analysis and post-processing operations.
He graduated in Particle Physics and Field Theory at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon and performed his PhD in theoretical particle physics at the University of Milan. He got a PostDoc position in the EIBURS context carrying studies about the cost/benefit of research infrastructures at CERN, building models based on machine learning to predict the scientific outcome (in collaboration with CSIL).