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Our contribution: careful analysis, global perspective, feasible projects

How to tackle challenges in a future-oriented EU industrial strategy?

This research project looked at how the goals of the recent Communication by the European Commission on “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable industry - a renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy” could be achieved in short to medium term, with a special focus on the current and expected challenges for EU industry and the current political context. CSIL and its consultants addressed the general research questions in a detailed manner, allowing a comprehensive analysis of the different elements of the new EU strategy on industrial development. Results suggested that even though the EU industrial strategy is still a “meta-policy”, it successfully promotes a more integrated and innovative approach. However, it should more clearly identify mission-oriented strategic goals and mobilise the necessary effort and means to reach them.

The methodological tools used to collect evidence were:

  • Documentary analysis to identify policy measures and areas, and available assessment evidence;
  • Semi-structured interviews with EC officials responsible for the implementation of policy measures covered by the EU industrial strategy;
  • Online consultations to explore the views of stakeholders affected at national levels by these measures;
  • Four regional case studies, and one national case study to understand the implementation of EU policies on the ground;
  • Peer review with 3 academic experts to test preliminary conclusions derived from findings.

The final study is available on the website of the European Parliament.

Client: EU Parliament, ITRE Committee

Years: 2018-2019

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