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Promoting fiscal discipline in public investments through CBA - Ghana.


CSIL in Ghana


This technical assistance project, funded by the World Bank, was aimed at promoting the adoption of the CBA framework for evaluating public investments projects, to improve investment decision making and benefits from such investments in Ghana. It included two tasks: i) a training on CBA to government and civil society actors (see below), and ii) piloting CBA of sample infrastructure projects as entry point for mainstreaming CBA in public investment process. The project was also expected to elaborate a set of recommendations on how the Ghanaian stakeholders could promote application of CBA in investment projects. As pilot projects, two illustrative investment operations were reviewed: one infrastructure project ◊ Navrongo-Tumu road (Ghana) and one investment policy in the agricultural sector ◊ the Ministry of Food and Agriculture fertilizer subsidy program (Ghana) The evaluation was completed in 2014 and results were publicly presented in the course of a public event.

Client: World Bank

Years: 2014-2015

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