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Feasibility study for a potential use of budget support in the delivery of ESI funds

This study assessed the advantages and disadvantages of the potential use of budget support for the delivery of parts of the ESI Funds and evaluated the feasibility of the delivery mechanism based on budget support to cohesion policy, including its legal set-up.  Results serve as a preparation of the policy proposals for post-2020 ESI Funds and related impact assessments. 

In commissioning this project, the European Commission wished to identify and assess alternative delivery mechanisms for cohesion policy while maintaining the objectives of the 2014-2020 reform. 

The study was organised around six main tasks: 
1) Methodological report; 
2) Overview of Budget Support as aid modality; 
3) Potential value added of the use of Budget Support by the ESI Funds; 
4) Regularity, legality, sound financial management and the fight against fraud; 
5) A framework for the application of the budget support delivery system in ESI Funds; 
6) Assessment of the main benefits and costs of the use of Budget Support in the ESI Funds. 

To carry out this study, the project staff adopted the following methodological tools: literature review, semi-structured interviews with donors and international financial institutions, case studies, cost-benefit analysis of different options, assessment of risks, and a workshop to disseminate results.

Client: European Commission, Directorate General Regional and Urban Policy, 2015-2018.

Leader: Ramboll (DK) Partner: Ecorys (NL)

Read the final report on the website of the DG REGIO

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