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The EU Furniture Market Situation and a Possible Furniture Products Initiative

The EU flagship initiative on Industrial Policy acknowledges the central role played by the European manufacturing industry as a driver of economic growth and employment levels in the EU. Although Furniture is deemed to be an important manufacturing sector in the EU, the increasing competition that global furniture producers are facing has drawn the attention of policy-makers to the potential absence of a level playing field at the global level, to the detriment of EU producers. The aim of this study led by CEPS is to identify whether the possible furniture products initiative could respond to the main problems the furniture players are facing. In addition, the study should identify in which specific clusters the initiative could be more effective, given the peculiarity of the entire sector and the complexity of the value chain. To this end, an impact assessment of different policy options will be performed in order to establish the feasibility of the initiative. CSIL experts contribute to Task 1 of the study by providing an analysis of the EU furniture market situation and an assessment of the competitiveness of the EU furniture industry (broken down by product and size).

Client: Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) on behalf of European Commission, DG Enterprise, 2013

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