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27 July 2022

Proposal for a public infrastructure for vaccines

CSIL has recently contributed to a study for the European Parliament which proposes the creation of a permanent European public infrastructure focusing on threats and areas of research and development that are underinvested given the current business model. This science-driven infrastructure would have the mission to develop new drugs, being involved in all phases of the development process, from independent research to commercialisation. This new player should focus on public health priorities and create knowledge and biomedical innovation as a common good. Supported by EU governments, open to third parties and in dialogue with civil society, the infrastructure should renounce economic privileges arising from patents.

On 28 September 2022, the European Parliament will host a roundtable discussion on the purpose and feasibility of creating a European medicines infrastructure. The event will gather experts from research, industry, civil society, and governmental and non-governmental organisations to discuss the development models for such a structure. The meeting, organised by the STOA panel, will be held in a hybrid format at European Parliament (Room SPAAK 7C50) and online (upon previous online registration)

Ahead of the workshop, CSIL founder Massimo Florio, with Fabrizio Barca, coordinator of the Forum on Inequalities and Diversity, launched an Open Letter to the EU institutions and governments asking them to consider the proposal of such public infrastructure and endorse it. The appeal is promoted by the Forum on Inequality and Diversity (Italy), where the idea originated, and by several associations and individuals.

To sign the appeal, write an email to: with name, surname, role and affiliation, specifying in the email the consent to publish your name on the website of the Forum on Inequalities and Diversity.

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