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Impact Assessment Study on the Possible Revision of the Product Liability Directive

This study provides technical input for the Impact Assessment (IA) to support the possible revision of the Product Liability Directive 85/374/EEC. It aims to collect data, quantify benefits and costs, and identify, analyse, and measure the policy options' possible impacts. CSIL is in charge of the Cost-benefit Assessment (CBA) and leads the task of collecting data on the costs and benefits of the different options. This work draws inspiration from the guidance provided in the Better Regulation guidelines on SCM. The evaluation's main geographic scope is on the EU-27, with some limited international benchmarking to consider how selected third countries, such as the US, have adapted their product liability regulation to respond to the challenges posed by new technologies and AI.

Client: EU Commission - DG GROW
Client type: public
Year: 2021
Consortium: CSES (leader), CSIL (partner)
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