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30 October 2023

Procurement and Supplier Firms in the Italian Space Industry

CSIL researchers Jessica Catalano and Francesco Giffoni have authored a new publication in the Journal of Technology Transfer, together with Paolo Castelnovo and Matteo Landoni from the University of Milan and the University of Insubria.

Castelnovo, P., Catalano, G., Giffoni, F., Landoni, M., The outcomes of public procurements: an empirical analysis of the Italian space industryJ Technol Transf (2023).

Their research looks at the relationship between public procurement and supplier firms in the Italian space industry. The paper studies the direct and indirect mechanisms through which public procurement exerts its influence, shedding light on how it shapes firms’ performance. This research paper is the result of a collaboration between the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the University of Milan, spanning from 2018 to 2021. Titled “Cost-benefit analysis of public policies in the space sector,” the project was coordinated by Professor Massimo Florio.

In a bid to comprehend the multifaceted impact of public procurement on the Italian space industry, the research team employed a combination of surveys and qualitative interviews, to explored the dynamics at play. Their findings highlightes a dual outcome for firms engaged in space procurement: “intermediate outcomes” and “final outcomes”. The former encompass critical elements such as learning, collateral innovation, and market penetration. These serve as essential building blocks for supplier firms, acting as a catalyst for their growth and development. The latter, on the other hand, encompass tangible measures of success, including profit and sales, business development, and employment growth. The research highlighted how “intermediate outcomes” play a vital role in mediating the impact of procurement on “final outcomes.”

The study underscores the crucial role that public procurement plays in fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and nurturing the space industry.

Read the full paper in the Journal of Technology Transfer (2023) for an in-depth exploration of these findings.

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