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23 February 2022

Policy workshop on the EIC pilot evaluation

CSIL discussed the main findings from the Evaluation study on the European Innovation Council Pilot with policymakers, business representatives and officers from various DGs and services of the European Commission, international organisations, and EU agencies.

Over the past year, CSIL has been leading the team in charge of the evaluation, carried out on behalf of the DG RTD of the European Commission as part of a Framework Contract on evaluating R&I policy and programmes. Together with partners from CSES, IPSOS and Oxford Research, we have been looking at the pilot’s performance and early signs of impact, using various evaluation tools.

The policy workshop gathered different points of view about the novelties and attractiveness of the EIC pilot. Reflecting on the role of the EIC in the EU R&I policy mix, attendees exchanged opinions on the Pilot role in building bridges between science and technology and accelerating the transition of innovation to the market. The discussion also touched on critical points regarding the pilot’s inclusiveness and how it could foster participation from less-represented countries and groups.

We would like to thank the over 80 participants who joined the online workshop and helped us reflect on the achievements of the EIC pilot and the challenges ahead, bringing together expertise diversified knowledge and expertise.

The study team will integrate the participants' opinions in the study’s final report, which will be published over the next months.

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