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18 October 2022

CSIL research on the Italian marble market

As part of its specialised observatory on materials, CSIL carried out research on the Italian marble market, a sector worth over 4 billion and representing one of the Made in Italy leading sectors.

The marble world involves highly specialised working technology, spanning from automation systems supply to different machinery integration.

CSIL research reveals that in 2021, “the Italian industry of natural stone and marble climbed over the 2019 levels, and a further 20% growth is registered for exports during the first half of 2022 (especially for finished products).”

The next issue of World Furniture Online will feature an article by Aurelio Volpe titled “The wonderful world of marble”, which dips into leading clusters in Italy and abroad, new actors entering the market and the different and broad applications of the materials, including art.

In the meantime, browse World Furniture’s latest issue.

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