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24 July 2023

Italian Kitchens are becoming increasingly more international

The Italian kitchen furniture exports recorded a +15% growth last year, gaining additional market share in Europe, Asia, and the USA, with potential for further development in the upper-end market.

CSIL Market Research Unit found that the European market for kitchen furniture held steady in size throughout 2022 (experiencing a significant price growth with a decrease in kitchen sales volume of approximately 2%, equivalent to 7 million units sold). Considering the strong growth in 2021, geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe, inflation rates, and the consequent risk of economic slowdown, this is not a bad result overall (CSIL's analysis are based on Eurostat data, preliminary figures for 2022).

A recent article featuring CSIL Report on the Italian market for kitchen furniture on the specialised magazine Ambiente Cucina (in Italian) highlights how Italian kitchen furniture exports grew by about 15%, less than the +20% increase achieved by Spain, which, however, remains a relatively minor player in the global trading scene. Nevertheless, it exceeded the significant +9% growth in exports from Germany (the leading global exporter). Imports have increased by over 20% in France and the United Kingdom.

Italian kitchen furniture exports are mainly focused on the medium and high-end segments. Luxury companies like Boffi and Poliform operate with substantial volumes and mid-range market leaders with high-end offerings like Veneta Cucine and Scavolini. In 2022, Italian kitchen furniture exports surpassed one billion Eur, with France being the primary market for Italian kitchens and the United States coming in second place with a strong increase in demand.

Find out more on CSIL Report - The Italian market for kitchen furniture, edition March 2023.
Photo credit: Worldfurnitureonline 2023.

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