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Alessandra Tracogna

Industry Studies and Market Research

Alessandra Tracogna

Alessandra Tracogna holds a degree at DES, Bocconi University (Milan), specialising in statistical analysis. At CSIL she is responsible of the world reports on SMEs traditional sectors, and she carries out sector competitiveness analysis for international markets. From January 2006, she is director of the Country Analysis and Forecasts Unit, where she manages and coordinates the working team developing researches concerning the furniture industry in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Pacific and Middle East. Moreover, she performs ad hoc consultancy for furniture related project (mainly market analysis) and organization of seminars on world furniture perspectives based on CSIL forecast model. Other tasks include the consultancy to public and private institutions on the themes of cluster development and firm internationalisation, with particular attention to market factors affecting the wood and furniture sector. Her research experience includes the design and management of a large database of sectoral data for more than 70 countries as well as coordination of field research, through biannual business surveys with more than 1,000 interviews, case studies analysis and company profiling.