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Gelsomina Catalano

Development and Evaluation Studies

Jessica Catalano

Gelsomina Catalano holds a degree in Political Sciences and a Master degree in "Planning, Assessment and Selection of Public Investments" from Orientale University (Naples, Italy). In 2008 she joined CSIL, where she has been specialising in the evaluation of projects and programmes co-financed by the Structural Funds and has acquired a wide knowledge of Cohesion and EU policies, EU regulations and delivering systems having assisted in numerous studies on behalf of the European Parliament and the European Commission (DG Regional Policy, DG Enlargement and DG Employment). She has also gained experience in the financial, economic and risk analyses of infrastructural projects. Recently, she has worked on the review of the application forms of Italian major projects in the transport and environment sector asking for EU co-financing for the programming period (2007-2013) and on the ex post evaluation of investment projects co-financed by ERDF and CF in the period 1994-99, both commissioned by European Commission, DG Regional Policy. She is currently working on developing specific methodology for the assessment of social-economic impact of investments financed by EU Structural Funds in Lithuania. She is also lecture of the cost-benefit workshop at the University of Milan. Among others, she is responsible within CSIL for structuring and running on-line survey having different purposes (customer satisfaction, stakeholder consultation, etc.). She has been country expert for UK, Italy and Greece and task manager for surveys and case studies. Also, she is gaining a sound knowledge of the urban dimension and related policies. She manages a database of indicators at city level, including historical data and forecasts at 2020. Recently, she has coordinated a research project on 150 "smart&fast" cities to 2020 for the furniture and furnishing players. She has gained expertise in testing and using an econometric model for the forecasts of the main variables for the furniture industry at country and city level.