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4 March 2022

CSIL market research on Cannabis legislation

The latest issue of World Furniture, CSIL economic and market analysis quarterly review, features an article focusing on the evolution of Cannabis legalisation in 16 selected countries. A recent study carried out by CSIL registred that law reforms are increasingly taking place in several countries to regulate its use and cultivation.

CSIL partner Jessica Catalano reports that significant attention is being paid to legalising cannabis’ medical use because of its relevance for improving patients’ health conditions by providing alternative and

more efficient treatments. Also, many countries are increasingly permitting hemp cultivation, considered a boost to the economy by offering new opportunities for investments and employment. Legislation for recreational use and cultivation is still lagging, and it seems unlikely in many countries.

The full article is available in the latest issue of World Furniture (p. 55)

Photo credit: Law Vectors by Vecteezy

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