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Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is a quantitative analytical tool used to evaluate investment decisions. It is a commonly used methodology adopted by the European Commission and other institutions (e.g. the World Bank) or governments (e.g. the UK and the US) for the selection of investment projects. It consists of assessing whether socio-economic benefits accrued from project implementation exceed the estimated socio-economic costs, thereby showing if the project represents a net benefit to the whole society.


Cost-Benefit Analysis is a mandatory requirement for major projects applying for co-financing within the European Investment and Structural Funds (ESIF) (Art. 100 of CPR 1303/2013).

CSIL has more than thirty years of experience in CBA, providing technical assistance to clients both for appraising project dossiers and carrying out CBA. In particular, under the Scientific Direction of Professor Massimo Florio, CSIL experts have authored all the editions of the Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects implemented by the European Commission of DG REGIO since 1994, including the updated and expanded CBA Guide that has been adopted by the European Commission in 2014.


CSIL experts have performed several training sessions on evaluation methodology and CBA (e.g. in Italy, Malta, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, FYROM, Ghana). These experiences allowed them to develop a participatory approach, focusing on a wise interaction of theory and practical case studies. Indeed, CSIL experts have prepared or reviewed more than a hundred CBA reports for major projects to be co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund in different sectors. Moreover, CSIL has several years of experience in advising the European Commission providing quick appraisal reports assessing the completeness and methodological quality of CBA and application forms asking for EU co-financing.

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